Welcome to the website for our two churches in the heart of Kettering: St Peter & St Paul, and St Michael & All Angels.


We are entering uncharted waters as the country opens up and COVID restrictions are eased. The PCC have agreed to respond to the changes but not to drop all the safeguards we’ve had in place.

The changes listed below will start from Sunday, 25 July at P & P.  St Michael’s Church Council meets this week and will decide on changes likely to follow in early August.

At  P & P we will all now be able to sing at the 10.30 am service, though for a while we won’t have as many hymns as in the past.

It will no longer be necessary to ration all seating to make sure everyone is socially distanced.   As a result there will be no need to book a seat beforehand.  You will be able to choose where to sit.

But in other ways things will not be so different.  We are asking all those who are not exempt to continue to wear face masks.  Those leading the service will do so, unless for those moments when people need to hear or see them talk.

Once you have chosen your seat, we will ask you to stay there, apart from when you move forward for communion.   We plan to keep the south aisle of the church socially distanced at the 10.30 am service: if you would prefer to keep your distance for the time being, that is where you should sit.  

We will continue to make sure there’s a record of your attendance, either by your use of the NHS Test and Trace App or by your giving us your contact details.

We will continue to ask you to use hand sanitiser on arrival and after receiving communion. And we will continue for the time being to administer communion in one kind only, not sharing the wine.

For the time being we will not be providing refreshments indoors, though we will explore the possibility of refreshments outside the church.

We will ask you to continue entering by the north door and leaving by the south.

At our 7.45 am Sunday service (currently held once per month on the 4th Sunday of the month) all the current restrictions will stay in place, including social distancing.  This means we will have one service at which there is no singing and social distancing is maintained for everyone.  Do feel free to join this service even if you’ve never been before.

We hope these arrangements will allow us a little more freedom in our services, whilst still working hard to keep people both safe and reassured.  You can see copies of the detailed risk assessments online: here for the 10.30 am service; here for the 7.45 am service.

If you or people you know are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable and so nervous about joining us in person right now, do please be in touch and let us know.

We will continue to live stream the 10.30 am service on both Zoom and Facebook.

Thank you

David Walsh



Weekly service information, and details of how to join us online for these, are posted HERE.  Our Facebook page has regular news updates, and we live stream our Sunday service there.
We also have a weekly email newsletter. Please email us if you’d like to receive that.


The care and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults is important to us. Click HERE to see our current safeguarding policy.

Our Parish Safeguarding team can be contacted at: safeguarding@peterandpaul.org.uk

or via our administrator, Carol Walters, on 07956 026829.

The Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor can be contacted on:



Annual Report 2019

2019 Annual Report_1-1

We are delighted to circulate our Annual Report for 2019, though it comes much later than we had hoped.  Normally this would have been  presented to the parish’s Annual Meeting (APCM) in April or May 2020.  For obvious reasons, that meeting never happened last year and the current crisis led to a very long delay before our accountants felt able to scrutinise it.  But this year we have put a lot of work into how we present the Report.  Do take a look at it by visiting the link below.

2019 Annual Report

Although 2019 now seems like a long way away, it’s a good reminder of so much that was happening in our parish before our lives were all changed. 

We very much hope that this will set a benchmark for the coming years and that from now on the production of our Annual Report will be a key way in which we tell our story to each other and to the wider world. 

We believe in a God who journeys ahead of us as we follow. We are grateful for the ways in which we were led forward in 2019. May we continue to follow.


David Walsh – Rector