Bishop Stopford School Admissions

Your elected church council, the PCC, wants to see more transparency about how the parish processes applications for admissions to Bishop Stopford School. It hopes this would help families to have better informed expectations about the process.

In order to qualify as ‘at the heart of the church’ (part of the school’s requirement for Priority 1), the clergy and PCC would expect some evidence of participation in the life of the church or contribution to the church, which might be evidenced in the following ways:

Being on the electoral roll of the church;


Participation or contribution to the life of the church or its work.

Examples of participation or contribution are:

Lay Minister, Deanery Synod, PCC or DCC member, Member of the Choir, Sidesperson, Welcomer, Server, Mothers’ Union, Bell Ringer

And / or help with:

Sunday Club, Coffee Rota, Readings and Prayers, Songs and Stories, Affiliated Uniformed Organisations, Services in Care homes, Maintenance of Church buildings or Grounds, Church Flowers, Church Laundry, Soup Kitchen, Church cleaning, Pastoral visiting, Christian Aid.

This is not intended to be a definitive list and the list is not hierarchical but is intended to give applicants guidance about what being ‘at the heart of our churches’ might look like.

We suggest that families expecting to make applications in future years but whose circumstances make the kind of participation or contribution noted difficult have an early conversation with the Rector, David, to explore alternative ways of demonstrating being ‘at the heart of the church’.

We would encourage parents who are considering applying for admission for their children to Bishop Stopford School let the Rector, David, know that this is the case well in advance of submitting an application.