6th April 2022


Since July 2019 Alice Watson has been our curate.  It’s been a delight to have Alice with us and we’ve learnt from her, enjoyed her company, benefited from her  ministry and watched her learn and grow in the role.

We’ve always known that curacies only last around three years and that the sad day would come when we need to say goodbye.  But despite our loss, we are delighted to announce that Alice’s next role will be as Chaplain at Queen’s College Oxford.   Congratulations to Alice, and to Queen’s on making such a good appointment!   We think Alice’s last day with us is likely to be Sunday 17 July.  Obviously that will provide a chance to say more.

Alice’s time with us has inevitably been overshadowed by COVID.  None of us had any idea back in 2019 what lay ahead.  Alice’s presence with us during this challenging time has been a true gift and she will leave a legacy behind her.

Alice says:

‘Although this isn’t yet goodbye, I wanted to say thank you for making my curacy years so wonderful. I have truly enjoyed my time with you, and it will be very difficult to leave in July. I am so pleased to be able to let you know about my new role as Chaplain – it’s a wonderful opportunity to be called to.’


Tracy Pegram, our new ordinand:

We are delighted to announce the news that the Bishop of Peterborough has accepted one of our members, Tracy Pegram, to be an ordinand – that is, to train for ordained ministry – sponsored by this diocese.  Tracy will be giving up her current work as an accountant working for local government and will start training from the autumn on a non-residential course at St Mellitus College in London. 
This is very good news for this parish, especially because the course Tracy will be on involves half a week engaged in parish ministry.  And so for three years Tracy will be actively engaged in our ministry & mission here in Kettering for half of each week. 
Our Rector, David Walsh, says: ‘I am so pleased that the wider church has recognised the call which Tracy has felt for some time to offer herself for ordained ministry.  I’m especially delighted about the gift of her time and gifts in a new way for the coming three years.’
Tracy says ‘I am so thankful to be training in this way, which means my family are able to stay in Kettering and I can continue to see the parish vision become a reality!’

Nicolas Moodie, our new Director of Music:

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Nicolas Moodie as our new Director of Music.  Nicolas is a professional singer and singing teacher who studied at Trinity College of Music in London.  For several years he has worked with the choir at St Matthew’s Northampton, focusing on tutoring and coaching younger members of the choir.  He leads a community choir in Northampton and delivers singing workshops to local community groups, including groups with learning disabilities.

Nicolas is an active member of the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) and prepares young singers for the RSCM chorister training scheme ‘Voice for Life’.    

Our Rector, David Walsh, says: ‘We were keen to find someone able to recruit a whole new generation of young singers for our choir at St Peter & St Paul whilst wanting to encourage the congregation there in its singing. At the same time we hope to explore the possibility that St Michael’s might develop a distinctive musical tradition of its own.  Nicolas brings both experience and enthusiasm and we very much look forward to working with him’.     

Nicolas says: ‘I’m delighted that I have been appointed to direct and oversee the music at the churches of St Peter & St Paul and St Michael.  I look forward to enhancing the worship at both churches through music, and reaching out to the community through education and musical opportunities within the church. ‘

We are hugely grateful to choir members who have continued to sing over the past year in challenging circumstances, and to our remarkable organist, Mark Pescott, for all he has done to keep our music going over the past 15 months.

Meet Pat Edkins, our new Parish Nurse:

Pat Edkins, a regular worshipper at Peter & Paul, has now begun her new role as the Parish Nurse. Pat is a registered nurse and midwife and has wide experience of working for many years both in hospital and community settings. Not wishing to fully retire, Pat was inspired to follow her vocation as a Parish Nurse after reading an article in a magazine.

A Parish Nurse is a registered nurse who is called to ministry and affirmed by a faith community to provide a nursing service that integrates, physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual health to the congregation and local parish community, regardless of their faith position, seeing people with diverse faiths/ no faith. She said: “A few years ago, as I commenced thinking about my retirement, I wondered what opportunities were available to serve both my chosen profession and also involving my church membership in some way. By chance I happened to see an article discussing Parish Nursing, a relatively new concept in the UK, although widely practised in the USA. Over the next couple of years this article would surface in my mind every so often, again on reflection feeling that this was a “nudge” from God telling me that this was the way he wished me to go.”

A Parish Nurse is not available to provide ‘hands on care,’ for example, change dressings. These are the responsibility of the NHS nursing service, but she can give confidential advice on all aspects of healthcare, including signposting clients to relevant services. She added: “The training was totally uplifting, confirming my view that God was calling me to this mission and that this was the path that my life was meant to take following retirement.”

Pat can be contacted on her Parish Nurse phone: 07494592716, which goes live from Sunday, March 31st 2019, and at