Running a parish of this size involves a great number of people, some paid, but mostly volunteers.

The Team – Lesley, Kay, Brian, Bill, John & Kate

Kay Short – Churchwarden

Kay was elected as a churchwarden in April 2010. With Kate she shares a responsibility on behalf of the bishop to ensure that the parish is functioning well. Kay is also a Licensed Pastoral Minister in the parish.

Kate Bowers – Churchwarden

Kate was elected as a churchwarden in March 2015, and shares with Kay the responsibility for the running of the parish during the vacancy before a new Rector is appointed. Kate is also a Reader in the parish.

Lesley McCormack – Honorary Assistant Priest

Lesley is an honorary Assistant Priest of the parish. Well known to many people in the town through years of ministry at the General Hospital, Lesley now spends each Sunday and part of each week in ministry in the parish.

Brian Chapman – Verger

Brian is our verger and is responsible for a lot of the day to day running of the church during the week.

Bill Wright – Director of Music

Bill is our Director of Music. He runs the Choir, plays the organ, and oversees the musical life of both churches in the parish.