Welcome to the St Michael’s Labyrinth

You can visit the Labyrinth in the grounds of St Michael and All Angels, Kettering.

Labyrinths have been used in the Christian tradition for centuries as a way to slow down to pray, and to find space to reflect.  There is a single path which leads in to the centre, and then out again. While it may look as though you are lost, keep following the twists and turns of the path and you will reach the centre.

This labyrinth has been set up to help us to focus on the change of the seasons, the leaving behind of winter and the arrival of spring. It coincides with the Christian season of Lent, a time for laying down and looking forward to the hope of Easter.

Before you begin…

Pause for a minute before starting your labyrinth journey. Reflect on the season which is passing, both the cold of winter itself, and the season of life – this past year has been difficult in many ways. Become aware of what feels heavy within you, any sorrows, grief, or regrets.  Notice also the ways in which you have grown, and give thanks for those.

If you wish to use it, here is a prayer:

Holy God,

we hold before you the cold of winter;

the hardness of our hearts,

the tracks of grief and sorrow.

Wrap us in your love today,

swaddle and comfort us,

and be with us as we walk this path.


Take your time to slowly walk the labyrinth, placing one foot in front of the other. Breathe deeply, becoming aware of the gardens around you.

At the centre…

The centre of the labyrinth is a place of sanctuary, a time to pause and rest.  We believe that God is at the centre of our journeys and lives, providing that which grounds us, and roots us in love.  As you pause in the centre, notice that you are between things – in and out, winter and spring, perhaps between emotions or feelings. Imagine laying things down, or collecting new things.

If you wish to use it, here is a prayer:

God of the centre,

we offer to you the core of our being,

our needs, our hopes, and our fears.

Ground us in your strength

and root us in your ways.


When you feel ready, begin to walk the path out of the labyrinth. As you journey, notice the signs of spring, be aware of any feelings or ideas which stir within you, bringing you hope or worrying you.

At the end…

With the labyrinth, the end is right where you started! However, you may feel different as you prepare to travel through the weeks and months ahead. Spring is a time of growth, of new life and rising sap. This can be an inspiring time, but can also bring growing pains of its own. Notice any small changes in how you feel, or how you perceive the world around you. Perhaps take this moment to commit to hope as the days become lighter.

If you wish to use it, here is a final prayer:

God of hope,

we glimpse your promise of spring and new life.

Nurture in us the shoots of your love,

inspire us to look out in hope,

and to bring joy to those around us.

Guide our journeys

wherever we may go.